Monday, January 25, 2016

Playing with Scala - 1

Being a programmer, whats point in not learning a language that is a bit complex than others?

Being Scala developer from almost 4 months now. I admire its compact logic building and strong syntactical shortcuts. I didn't dive much into its functional part, but I would like to share some of it also.
  1. It has so many flavors; programmers having background in C, C++, Java, Python get easily familiar with its syntax
  2. Object-oriented functional language; unlike Haskell and LISP - that are purely functional and Java - that is purely object oriented language, Scala is everything! All in one
  3. Salient features of Scala are nicely described here
  4. Runs on JVM so Java classes in Scala can be freely mixed
  5. Highly scalable; works from your desktop PC to a thousand nodes cluster i-e; Intel, Twitter and LinkedIn use Scala in their clusters
  6. Unlike Kotlin and Ceylon programming languages, Scala decided to make "better Java" instead of staying close to Java and ultimately improving almost nothing in it except syntactic sugar

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