Monday, January 11, 2016

A Few Lessons Learned From 2015

I tried to sum up my mistakes I did last year. Some of them were pretty dumb, others made me embarrassed to the point I took decision to never repeat them ever. Some of them made me proud. Some of them made me think what do I have to be proud of? Some of the key points, I learned, are mentioned below;
  1. Being yourself doesn't hurt you
  2. Hurting people hurts you eventually
  3. Don't sleep too much
  4. Productivity increases late-night (after 1am)
  5. Trustworthy people never ask you to trust them
  6. People who want to be in your life wouldn't stay shut about it
  7. Don't focus on peoples' interests more than you feel like you should
  8. Work quietly and let your work speak
  9. Read books in isolation and feel them
  10. Stay sharp and ready for attacks other frame for you
  11. Don't get framed in others' problems, be smart to judge your surroundings
  12. Don't offer to help if you can't do it honestly
  13. Don't listen to those who want to be listened and never listen to you
  14. Don't be gender biased in public or group talks
  15. Select a few words and make up your wit-dictionary and use it over and over again till you make habit of staying away from slang
  16. Dislike what you don't like but never dislike what others want you to dislike. There is always something beneficial for you what others suggest you to dislike
  17. Don't talk unless you have a strong reason
  18. Don't change yourself to comfort others

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