Thursday, June 25, 2015

Graduated Today

This all starts from the day first in school.
I remember I used to cry for all that routine and loved to spend time in home in early days of my school life. Not because school scared me. I loved to spend all my day watching those 30 minutes Urdu dubbed episodes of cartoons I anxiously waited for whole week. PTV was the best channel and I used to follow-up schedule of each program. Regardless of quality of channel and bad pixel per inch of that old TV. I was more into stories and colours.
I used to make up stories at run time half an hour before school-time just to make sure I spend whole day watching cartoons and drinking soup to cure the disease I didn’t have. Somewhere, deep inside, I knew my mother and father know about my lies, and they ignored sometimes, sometimes not.
I grew up, went for matriculation, became more responsible and serious about my studies and isolated myself from these fragments of happiness that used to made my day.
Then I got admitted into college and became more belligerent in talks about different careers and highly paid jobs, well that is not something to worry about; life is more important than a piece of paper that wants to rule over you. Started answering myself the questions like, “What is the purpose of this studying and that will be the outcome? What I want to become? In what field I will pursue my career?” This all didn’t make sense sometimes because I didn’t fully trust my skills and I wasn’t fully guided.
God never plays dice. He knew where I had to go what I had to do so there is a thing named, a ripple effect; changing future completely into something else by the choices you take in present. We see things like they will happen and sometimes they happen exactly the same. That is a blessing of Allah not our ability to foresee.
I started studying computer sciences, though I was already doing that in intermediate. I wasn’t completely sure about my career in it that time. When I started doing CS. Every piece of puzzle happened to adjust itself in front of my eyes and I started to see the picture behind the puzzle. Days passed, weeks rushed and months went like some pages skipped when you want to reach a specific page number. The page number I wanted to reach on turned out very beautifully written. Each and every spell makes me happy. Every verse written on it makes sense now.
That’s where I stand today. Holding a bachelor’s degree (not so fast) of computer science. Having a job at a good place.
"Allah never makes you unsatisfied when you make an effort."
That is the lesson I learned from this short period of my life that changed way I used to live it.