Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Theory - 1

What if the things you experience sometimes and think they already happened before, but actually, are never happened, are actually happened in some kind of other world of some other parallel universe out there? What if you are a part of some kind of parallel execution and you are not just you, there are many other clones doing same? There are so many galaxies and what was the point to make it practically impossible to reach from one galaxy to another galaxy. Why there isn't another earth just a moon away from our earth?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

How to Create DoubleAnimation in Windows Apps?

I was searching for a good source to read double animation in windows apps but didn't find anything easily understandable, I mean there was a lot of code overdosing the idea of "animation". What I came up with as a solution was, the lecture from a series created by +Bob Tabor.

What DoubleAnimation is?
A simple animation that animates target storyboard property in double data type. For example, take Opacity; it ranges from 0.0 (invisible) to 1.0 (visible).

Now to actually run this animation we just need to user Where MyStoryBoard_FadeOut is the x:Name property of that storyboard you wan't to animate.
What it actually does is fading out the opacity of target button `Button1` in 2 seconds.