Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Freedom, Finally!

Finally have some time to spend on myself. Been caught in many things for a while. Working as a teacher assistant was hard and it really got some part of my life away from me. Things I had to do were in a pause state for a long time. Since I started working as a teacher assistant I had plan to finish some unfinished game projects, but I was too busy working in weekends. Now that I have left it, I'm no more bound to those things anymore.
So now, spirits high, *SNIFF SNIFF*. I'm ready to work on my Dino Run game project. Yay.
Learning to do this weekend:
  1. 2D sprite animations
  2. particle effect in Unity
  3. parallax
  4. shaders
Finishing this project and launching my first endless runner would be awesome.
Spirits high, again.

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