Friday, September 26, 2014

Surfing Windows Like Webpages

From last few days, I'm trying to find the square hole for this square peg. Windows compatibility for its own development platforms is disgusting.
It all starts from here,
If you need to do little programming for evaluation purposes you need an express edition. Okay I see you got express edition there, it is free for use but please register it. Okay you've registered it too? Good.
If you need to do Windows 8/8.1 metro app development, you probably need higher versions of Visual Studio. Got higher version? Okay you can't do everything anymore on your Windows 8. Switch to Windows 8.1 it is really free, just install all the updates from Windows Updates. Got updates? Sorry for inconvenience but you really need to restart your PC. Back? You got a few more updates. Okaynowtellmewhatnext? It is "you need to install these updates to get your free update of Windows 8.1". Installed? Congratulations, you can download the free upgrade now. Downloading? Nope "unfortunately Windows Store app doesn't work very fine in Windows 8".
And if you even get the upgrade to Windows 8.1 (I don't know how). There are a lot of device issues in it and still filed as undocumented bugs in it.
The measure of last resort is always Windows 7 for me. But idon'tknow why I switch the operating system again, wait I tell why, I need to develop apps because that's what I am, a desperate app developer. (Windows 7 doesn't support Windows Phone development).

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