Saturday, September 13, 2014

C#: How to Save Image from a Canvas

So recently I've been working on this Windows Phone app so hard that I hardly get time for myself and blog some fishes here. But now I am talking with my blog I'm talking about the same thing I've been doing since 5 days (nights included too).
I was actually trying to save some image from the screen, more of a screenshot but in a programmers way. I was searching for a lot of XAML tags and studying about them like DrawingSurface and every frigging tag that looks like something that can be sixth sensed and categorized into something imagery (save an image I meant). In the meantime I find this life saver Canvas and now its all vanished. All my dark problems inside me pouncing upon each other to hike through my wind pipe out into the fresh air are now gone.
Here is the code.

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