Thursday, April 9, 2015

Good News

"Got a job!" - here is me declaring that I'm officially the part of Platalytics Inc. now. Just have signed an official contract regarding my position at Platalytics Inc. This is really a huge change in life since I'm one step already into professionalism, creating applications & games on my own, this would be a real challenge to solve.
Life comes up with such challenges you will always solve, you were meant to solve them. That is why they came in your path. Some challenges are solvable. Some, we think, are not solvable. But the truth is, human capacity is far more capable doing unthinkable.
This challenge, I mean managing job and life, might look very complicated. That's what I'm made up of. Complications. And I always solve the problem. That's what I am.

1 comment :

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