Thursday, February 26, 2015

You are the Product of Your Own Imagination

You're the best thing ever happened to "you". You are the person who can actually do something for yourself. People create so many social connections, be dependent, and rely on others that their whole life circulates around caring for others, thinking for others, making others happy and taking full responsibility of what happens to others. Others are not you. They aren't going to grieve for you when you don’t exist. They aren't going to care for you when you are down.
This is a reality you need to understand.
You are the person who can make a difference in your life. You are the only one you should use the world “awesome” for. You are your own version of superhero.
The real moment of ascertaining your courage and shouting in front of your crowd is, when you're knocked down. When you've nothing, you have every path to select. People going towards some path have difficulty in switching between paths and fear of losing both destinies. You're lucky, you've multiple ways to go. You can try again. You've nothing to fear about losing your destiny yet. Make a right selection, listen you your inner voice and shut the voices that whisper to you about your paleness. Feel yourself alone in the crowd. Make yourself isolated from the society that acts caring about you.

Imagine yourself. Dream about your goals. Daydream. Draw a roadmap. Draw brightest colors on your mind-canvas. Permanent ones. Never remove it.
"You are the product of your own imagination."
You can do it, you don't need help. It is your move now.

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