Monday, April 14, 2014

Fun With Mathematics

Found some mathematical tricks from an awesome mobile application. Happy learning.

Square a two-digit number ending in 5:
For this example I will elaborate using 45. Try doing it with the numbers ranging from 15 to 95 all. You’ll have fun if you’re into mathematics. At some point in life you might be the smartest sheep in herd.
Let’s see the trick.
  1. Take the tens part of the number (in our case it is 4 from “4”5).
  2. Add one to it (that makes it 5 = 4 + 1).
  3. Multiply the result with the tens part (original tens part, that’s 4, so 4 x 5 = 20).
  4. Append 25 at the right of the resultant (20 25 = 2,025).
  5. Use your calculator and compare result.
Will keep posting more, I hope you learned something new.

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